XCONSTRUCTION is a BIM-based web platform designed to enhance collaboration in the built world. Connecting users and data in real time through smart 3D visual management tools, it helps bridge the gap between planning and execution along the project lifecycle, empowering organizations experts at every level of the value chain.

How it works


XConstruction is a dynamic ecosystem where all the project data and management tools are based on open IFC Building Information Models that organizations and teams can access without expensive software licenses and BIM expertise enjoying a unique user experience.


Information management

Manage, share and track all the project information you need, when you need it. Shift from the most detailed data to the big picture in clicks. Drive efficiency and reduce risk with a single source of truth.

Service customization

Create and compare product and solution scenarios that really match the project needs, interacting with users in real time. Leverage knowledge and expertise of the best organizations and teams.

Value chain collaboration

Break the industry boundaries working with experts from different fields. Exchange knowledge, information and data that help discover solutions that create value.

Scenario Planning

Create, compare and share data driven planning scenarios and discover what really works for the whole ecosystem. React to change in real time reducing risk and waste.

Project tracking

Track project progress and manage tasks, events and change in real time with the help of lean management tools connecting scenarios, planning and field execution.

Business insights

Turn experience into insights that drive every users’ business. Project-wide data are collected and interpreted, providing users with feedbacks on the current process and suggestions for future projects.





About X-CO
From first-hand experience, we understand how unique and challenging construction projects are, so we’re working hard to make them easier for everyone involved. We seek to work with owners, contractors, suppliers, designers and investors that share our vision and belief that the best way to improve construction is using data and technology to enhance collaboration and empower organizations experts.



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